Jennifer Lopez : On The Floor feat. Pitbull

Jennifer Lopez is back and the American Idol judge has done a similar turn to most artists nowadays, started making dance hits and collaborating with Pitbull and RedOne. On The Floor is an OK song, but what makes the song better for me is the song it samples.

This is no exaggeration, for the last year I have had a tune in my head from a song that I knew I heard when I was younger but that I did not know the name of at all. I tried many websites that recognise beats of songs and many other methods, including recording myself hum the tune, but with no luck at all finding this song.

Then after being recommended to hear the new J-Lo track, low and behold it was the exact tune I have been humming pretty much everyday for the last year. It was a pretty amazing moment, which probably doesn’t sound amazing to you, but now I know the song name, Lambada by French pop group Kaoma, and can therefore have the tune blaring out of speakers instead of playing in my head.

God knows where I heard this 1989 hit and why I have been humming it for so long but I am so happy that I now have it, and because of all of this, it is actually making me like a pretty average J-Lo and Pitbull song a lot more than I should.

On The Floor will be released for digital download in the UK on 27th March 2011, check out the music video below, but more importantly, check out the amazing tune that is Lambada.

Kaoma : Lambada