Hogwarts School of Musical Glee

The Game Design Project asked us to “create a game design concept for an instructional computer game aimed at 11-15 year old school children.”

We had to “create a short plot on which our game design will be based on” and from that develop the game concept and deliver a pitch our idea to promote the design for approval from a “publisher.” The game design needed to include a detailed example of a single level of our game with a walkthrough of the specific level as a storyboard, showing the key events of the game and how the level will be played. We also needed to create all the concept artwork to show the look and feel of the game.

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Our group wanted our design to be based on a theme of well known characters that would appeal to our target age group. Our initial idea was a High School Musical themed game set in a school, but this then developed into a game set in a school including charaters from not only High School Musical, but also Harry Potter and Glee. The name we came with for our game was then “The Hogwarts School of Musical Glee.”

Our game would work in a first person format, where the player would walk around a school as if they were a student, going to class and answering questions in order to improve their grade at the end of each week.

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After pitching our idea and it getting the go ahead, we began the creation of the artwork for the game. I created all the characters for the game which I created in Illustrator, and I also created one of the backgrounds of the Dungeon in Photoshop.

After taking all of these components, plus all the backgrounds from my other group members I put the game together in Flash and used ActionScript buttons for the navigation of the game.

I was very happy with the final outcome of this project and I feel we created a game that looks great and would be a very good educational game for 11-15 year olds.

Project Outcome