The X Factor 2012 – Week 1

It was around 2 years ago that I first launched this blog, just in time to start my blogging on the 2010 series of The X Factor. Every week I would give my thoughts on the acts performances from the night before and predict who would be sent packing.

Unfortunately, work and University commitments prevented me to doing the same for last series, but now my week reviews of the show are back! So have a read at what I thought of each act, let me know your views by commenting.

District3 – Simply The Best

No I don’t think they are Simply The Best, they actually sang Tina Turner’s Simply The Best, not very well. I used to be a fan of the lead singers vocals but after that performance I just found it squeeky and annoying. Yeah it’s fair to say I didn’t like it at all really. They’ll be hoping that the same number of people throwing stupid names at them will be voting for them. I’m not so sure they will.

James ArthurJames Arthur – Stronger

He’s very unique for the X Factor, I can’t remember a singer like him on the show before and I do really like him. I did find this performance a bit awkward and uncomfortable to watch though, but I think it was partly down to the fact he was singing a Kelly Clarkson song. I’m sure in future we will get some performances from him much better than that where he can really show off his raw vocal talent. Seems to be gathering quite a large fan base already with my friends and family and I can definitely see him lasting in this competition for a while.

Melanie Masson – A Little Help From My Friends

At first I thought the backing vocals were going to be too loud, but that was before Melanie kicked it up a notch and really started to belt it out! There’s no doubt she can scream and shout, but I don’t think doing that every week will win the competition for her. I thought it was an OK performance.

Lucy Spraggan – Mountains

She’s not the best vocalist in the competition, but where her true talents lie is in her songwriting. This song wasn’t my favourite of hers but it was still a good song and it was a brave decision to sing her own song on week 1 of the X Factor. I loved her previous songs Beer Fear and Tea and Toast and think regardless of what happens on the show she will have an album out in 2013. I will be one of the people who buys it. I don’t think she will be able to her own stuff every week though.

MK1MK1 – Champion / Everyone’s A Winner

Quite a shakey start for the duo who seemed to compromise Charlie’s vocals for a high energy performance, but it definitely did get the crowd going. There’s no denying that they loved being on that stage but I can’t see them winning the show if that’s what they are like every week. Not sure what was worse, Louis comparing them to N-Dubz or Tulisa revealing that N-Dubz are getting back together. *facepalm*

Christopher Maloney – Hero

It was no surprise at all that he was voted back into the competition as the nations favourite wild card and with this fairly nerveless performance this week, it will be a great confidence boost for himself and his mentor Gary. The performance was super cheesey as the judges said, but vocally was fairly strong. He’s obviously got fans and great likability so I think it will be good enough to keep him around for a while.

UnionJ – Don’t Stop Me Now

I was very impressed with the opening vocals, but once the music started it sent the overall performance downhill rather than on a rocket ship to Mars. I think if they are through next week I’d like to see more of the strong vocals and less of the awkward dance moves and poor harmonies.

Jade EllisJade Ellis – Hero

I actually really enjoyed Jade’s performance. I do really like her tone to her voice and thought it was a great version of the song that she really made her own. I agree with Gary that it was my surprise of the night and she is quickly being named the dark horse of the competition. I hope that this performance keeps her in the competition as it certainly deserves to. If she doesn’t get the public votes then the judges should save her anyway.

Rylan Clark – Gold

He looks like he was just picked from TOWIE and chucked into The X Factor. He does bring a bit of comedy to the show whether you love him or can’t stand him. Obviously he isn’t the strongest vocally, but I think all his haters are actually going to give him more sympathetic fans picking up the phone. The performance was exactly what we would have expected from Rylan. Cheesey, over the top and they even seemed to turn Spandau Ballet’s Gold into a club song. I think his publicity will keep him in this week.

Kye Sones – Man In The Mirror

I actually really like Kye. You can tell that he really wants this and is loving the pop star life he is currently living. I thought the performance was also pretty good and his quirky vocals made the song his own. Overall I really liked it and hope that will be enough to keep him in the competition as his vocals are stronger than others in the competition.

Ella HendersonElla Henderson – Rule The World

Simon Cowell must already be hearing the cash register ringing in his head with this girl. At just 16 she is head and shoulders above the rest of the acts this year and probably even the recent years as well. At the moment I can’t see anyone except her winning the show and regardless she will probably be signed up anyway with a voice like that. The performance of the night by quite a way.

Carolynne Poole – Starships

For anyone who didn’t watch the show, Carolynne Poole, you know, the foxy country singer on this years X Facotr, she sang a Nicki Minaj song. When it started I thought this is not going to work at all but surprisingly it kinda did in a way. Vocally the performance wasn’t amazing but she definitely done well to turn Starships into a country song some how. I think that her looks and almost suicidal interviews on previous episodes have got her to the live shows but I’m not sure if people who watch The X Factor are country music fans, so where she will get votes from we will have to wait and see.

Jahmene Douglas – Imagine

Ok Ella is now just a head above Jahmene, because that performance reminded me of the great vocals this young man has. I think he may have gone a bit over the top in terms of the whaling at parts in the song, but the parts where he just sang were very very good in deed. Personally his nervous little laugh only increases his likeability for me and I just want to be his friend. I think he will be in the competition for a long time.


So Ella is a head above Jahmene and then shoulders above the rest as the competition stands so far. Her performance has definitely won the crown of my favourite of the night. Surprise of the evening goes to Jade with a great version of Enrique Iglesias’ Hero, in her cool RnB tone. At the other end of the performances, Louis should be a nervous man with all the groups not performing to their full potential and therefor all being in danger of landing themselves in the bottom two this week.

My prediction for the bottom two are both boy bands, District3 and UnionJ, a rematch of the battle at boot camp, with UnionJ winning this time round and District3 sent packing just one week after getting there new name.

Let me know your thoughts on the performances and your predictions for tonight below.