X Factor Week 7

Well I didn’t see Aiden being voted out last week. Katie yet again saved from the chop but is surely on her final strings now as the public seem to have lost interest in her, if there was ever any in the first place. On to week 7 and on the same week iTunes get them the X Factor does, it’s Beatles week. Let’s see my opinions on the acts this week.

Matt – Good start to the show but not my favourite of Matt’s performances. Was a weird song choice as I can think of a few Beatles songs that would have better suited his soft voice but he made the song his own which was good.

Cher – One thing good about Beatles week is there should definitely be no rapping from Cher… and hooray there wasn’t. She’s so much better when she just sings and leaves out the rapping and she does have a good voice but at times it does sound a little bit whiney and annoying to listen to, but maybe that’s just me.

One Direction – They may have had a slight advantage this week being the only group still in the competition but that was a very very good performance. Every song these guys seem to do I can picture them releasing and singing live on tour. Their harmonies are improving and every week they are looking more and more like a boy band who have been together for years.

Rebecca – I have a feeling that we may have seen our three finalist already in tonight’s show before Rebecca took to the stage, but if I had it my way Rebecca would be replacing Cher without a second thought. Again my only complaint this week is I want her to do something different. Yeah we know she can sing now but can she perform? I hope next week we find out.

Mary – That’s more like it from the woman from Dublin! She is so much better when she just belts out songs with her powerful loud voice and that’s exactly what she done this week. Much better than the previous few weeks that’s for sure.

Paije – Another good performance tonight, no one seems to be slipping up this week. He has a great soulful voice and I can picture him being a little mini me of Cee-Lo Green without a doubt but whether or not his voice is up to that sort of standard I’m not sure.

Wagner – You can tell when someone is really bad when the backing vocals can clearly be heard and they are at a different time to when the singer is actually singing. The Hey Jude bit was just absolutely hilarious with some very funny “heys” and “woahs”. If he keeps getting the votes he’s going to keep staying in the competition, but the man really can’t sing.

Katie – WOW. Not overly keen on the new look for Katie if I’m honest but maybe she’s trying to change her reputation with the public and starting fresh. The song “please, please, help me” is another sign she may be begging for votes again this week. It was a good performance though from Katie this week and I’m starting to feel bad she keeps being put in the bottom two.


This week all the acts were pretty level pegging really apart from maybe One Direction who stood out for me and obviously Wagner which is self explanatory. In terms of the rest of them though it’s a popularity contest this week which should see Matt, Cher, Rebecca and probably (undeservedly) Wagner safe with Paije and Mary being more at risk as the competition is being whittled down. I expect one of them to be joining Katie who even though did really well this week, will probably be their again.