X Factor Week 6

So Katie was yet again in the bottom two last week, but was yet again saved meaning it was Treyc’s turn to leave the competition. Now Elton John week isn’t the most exciting of themes for a X Factor show but let’s see what I thought of the contestants this week.

Paije – It was alright… nothing overly amazing and it wasn’t bad but I have a feeling we may have already seen the best of Paije in the competition now. He’s going to have to do a hell of a lot more if he wants to win but I can’t see him ever outdoing some of the other acts in the competition.

Aiden – Again it was a good performance but it didn’t leave me thinking wow this guy is going to win the show. At least the creepiness seems to have completely vanished now and his voice is very suited for Elton John week. Should be enough to bring him back next week.

Mary – It’s a real shame because I really liked Mary the first few weeks but she seems to have just lost her spark that doesn’t look like ever being re-lit. Singing a Disney song made me think she looked a bit like the witch from the little mermaid for some reason. She’s not going to win the show and I wouldn’t be surprised if she starts falling into the bottom two very soon.

Katie – It was a fun performance but just not great vocally. At times it was very drunk karaoke esc which kind of sums up the whole ending when she was shouting Saturday. She’s not got a good enough fan base and I have a feeling if she’s in the bottom two again this week the judges must surely realise it’s her time to go now. After that performance bottom two looks likely.

Matt – Not his greatest performance but then it’d be very impressive if he ever topped last weeks. He has a great voice and easily the best vocally in the competition. He’s definitely in the final already for me.

Cher – That was actually a really really good performance if you ignore the rapping part of the song. She proved in that performance that she does have a good voice when she actually sings instead of rapping and if she stuck to just singing it’d improve her chances in my opinion. Although at the same time without the rapping in her audition she never would have stood out as she did, but it’s done its job, now she should sing.

Wagner – Every single word he sings has a Brazilian twang which at times is funny but others is just so so bad. The song choice was a bit odd as well as the two songs mashed up were so different that it just made him look even more ridiculous. I agree with a comment a friend made that I can so see him on the “go compare” adverts in future but a career in the music industry? I think not.

One Direction – You can just see these guys growing in confidence week after week and they are just having so much fun that it makes them so much more likeable. Their performance tonight was something a young Westlife would have been proud of and these guys definitely have a great chance in winning the show now, but regardless I can see them easily selling out arenas in the future just full of screaming teenage girls.

Rebecca – I really like her and that was another brilliant vocal performance but it seems to always be the same sort of thing week after week. She’s a fantastic singer but standing still by a microphone every week singing ballads will eventually bore most people and she doesn’t have a real stand out personality as it is so these issues could affect her unless she pulls off something a bit different in future performances. She deserves to stay in a while yet though as vocally she’s one of the best in the competition.


The unloved Katie will probably be in there again and joining her in the bottom two should be Wagner of course, but Mary or Paije could drop in place of the Brazilian if his fans continue to vote for him.