Tinchy Stryder – Game Over feat. Giggs, Pro Green, Tinie Tempah, Devlin, Example and Chipmunk

This song really isn’t my cup of tea at all… but it’s good to see a lot of Britain’s best hip hop talent joining forces to at least try and make a good song.

It’s just so grimey that if your like me and don’t particularly like grime, you won’t like it but it’s interesting to see all the artists different styles throughout the song.

Giggs starts the song off in a very slow pace with his voice being so deep that its kind of hard to hear what he’s saying first time round. The pace is taken up a notch when Professor Green starts his rap, which includes some comical lines such as “I could tear apart MC’s but I’d rather read a book on child care by Kerry Katona“. Brilliant.

Tinie Tempah follows with a verse that includes a fair bit of repetitive shouting and general Tinie Tempah style rapping. Then it’s Devlin’s turn to shout a few things at the camera in his rain mac. Then Example shows some of his good rapping skills that he seems to have turned down since his turn to mainstream.

The penultimate artist is Chipmunk who I think is absolutely awful in this song. He talks for about 30 seconds and that’s about it really then it’s handed to the ring leader that is Tinchy Stryder to sing a pretty horrid chorus of the song and then a better but still not incredible verse himself. He does include a line where he says “Ask Mick Foley I’m not Mankind”, which is a line that takes me back to my childhood days watching wrestling.

So as I’ve said before I’m not a huge fan of this song but thought it’d be good to share as it does hold a few good solo performances from some of Britain’s finest hip hop and rap talent.

Check it out and let me know your opinions by commenting below.