Black Eyed Peas : Just Can't Get Enough

So Black Eyed Peas have released the second single from their latest album, The Beginning, and this one is called Just Can’t Get Enough, which is exactly how I feel about it at the moment!

Yeah it’s no Where Is The Love or I Gotta Feeling or any of their other previous singles before this new album in fact, but I still like it’s beat and it’s a definite improvement on The Time(Dirty Bit).

The song shows a new side of Fergie’s voice that I never new existed, and if you didn’t know it was the Black Eyed Peas you would never have guessed it was her!

It also has some cool lyrics like “Inception you got a brother dreamin dreamin”, which put a smile on my face :) .

The track sounds like it could be two different songs as suddenly half way through it switches and a techno style synth begins to play, which turns what would be a slow B.E.P. track into another dance track that is bound to be played in clubs over the next few weeks.

Check out the audio below.