Playstation Phone Images Revealed!

It is fair to say when I saw this bit of news I got a little bit excited.

Ever since I got the legendary PlayStation 1 for Christmas when I was a young boy I have always been a PlayStation man, and after a PlayStation 2 and 3 and several handheld PSP devices, Sony’s next project is to bring the World of PlayStation into the Mobile market.

The guys over at Engadget have revealed several images of the device which is made by Sony Ericsson and is rumoured to have Google’s 3.0 Android software.

This means that phone should have access to the thousands of apps on the Android Marketplace and it’s also rumoured that it’ll have a customer Sony Marketplace, which will allow users to download games and content specifically for the PlayStation phone.

It looks set to be the biggest gaming specific mobile release since the Nokia’s N-Gage. If it packs great gaming with a great mobile software that Google offer then this could be the phone that will knock the iPhone off the top of gaming mobile devices.

For the full Engadget report visit this link