X Factor Week 1

Ok to start off my new blog Geo Entertainment I will discuss my opinions on the 1st live show of this years X Factor.

I am a big fan of the show and even auditioned myself this year… that didn’t end too well but instead of being part of the show on the stage I will review the performances of those on the stage and give my opinion on all the acts and how they do each week.

So lets start with the opening act of this years live shows…

F.Y.D. – It was an OK start to this years show but not amazing. I wasn’t overly convinced on the song choice really and also I don’t agree with Cheryl’s comment on they need to dance more. This is a singing competition Cheryl. Yeah dancing is great to have as well as an artist nowadays but I feel that these guys should be judged on their vocal performance, which wasn’t great.

Matt – Again I wasn’t sure of the song choice at first but then WOW! A really really good performance, this guy has an amazing voice and I agree that I would buy that single if it was available to download tomorrow! Definite contender this yeat!

John – He is an alright singer and that is all really. I can’t see him winning or being a recording artist but he is a lovely guy and if he proves me wrong I will be happy for the guy!

Rebecca – One of my favourites in the competition but the song seemed a bit meh to me if I’m honest. It almost sounded karaoke esc. The end of the song nearly showed some of her raw talent but it didn’t really kickstart for me. Hope she does better next week!

Storm – I really love Storm! Every performance he has done up to now he has sung a song I love which may be why I’m biased to liking him, but every time he gives a performance that does the song justice! We Built This City On Rock and Roll isn’t a particular favourite of mine but he still rocked out! I could have picked a lot of better number ones for him to sing but still a good performance and no doubt the song suited his voice!

Belle Amie – Oh dear! Bad song choice and a bad performance. I kind of thought I was watching the rejects perform on the finale show. I expect them to go this week.

Cher – It’s fair to say I wasn’t one of Cher’s biggest fans as I am not sure the music industry needs another Lady Sovereign. To be fair to her at some points she was good and she is different but she doesn’t have the best vocals in the competition.

Diva Fever – I actually really like the song Sunny so I loved their performance. It was up tempoed and suited the duo to a tee! They are definitely this years Jedward but they are better singers then Jedward so lets see how far they will be able to get this year!

Paije – I was so glad to hear Paije was Danni’s wild card choice. Watching him perform made me feel like I went back to the 90′s but he definitely has some talent. I can’t wait to see him next week.

Katie – Loved her first audition but hasn’t in a half blagged it to the finals. I was wondering if she would actually be able to finish a performance in the competition but she managed and she does have a good voice at times. I don’t think she will win but a great song choice.

Mary – Bless her. She’s such a sweet heart and she knows she wasn’t going to win the competition but fair play to her going out in week one with an amazing performance. She can definitely sing and she is definitely loved by everyone so who know’s maybe she will prove herself and all of us wrong?

Nicolo – What the hell!?! I don’t know how someone can sing a Lady Gaga song and make it a good performance but Nicolo gave it a try and I’m sorry to say that he failed. He put a lot of Nicolo effort in but it was just nearly as weird as Lady Gaga herself… nearly.

One Direction – They kind of looked like a group that was just thrown together which is exactly what they are. It was actually quite good for one of their first performances together. Liam has a really good voice and with him leading them they could go quite far.

Wagner – HAHAHAHA!! That made the 2 hours worth watching! It was so so rubbish but so so entertaining! Anyone who can mash up She Bangs and Loveshack is a legend to me!

Aiden – Definitely the scariest performance but this guys definitely got talent. A strange song choice but I like it and I think this guy is definitely one to look out for in the competition!

Trayc – Good Song! Not really sure about the singing. I remember Rachel Adedeji’s performance of the same song last year and it was unbelievable so in comparison I don’t think Trayc was as good. Rachel went home that week and although it was a good vocal performance I woudn’t be surprised if Trayc goes this week. She was good in parts though and showed some promise so I hop she gets to perform again.


Evicted this week will be Belle Amie.