Just Go With It : Review

Just Go With It ReviewIt was a film I remembered reading about and seeing the trailer for a while back, but I seemed to had just forgotten about it. Although this really isn’t the type of film I would to go to the cinema to see and is definitely more of a DVD or Sky Box Office movie, I am so glad I decided to watch it!

This film really was a hidden gem! I was expecting a usual average romantic comedy, but what I got was a clever, original and very funny movie.

The film stars Adam Sandler, as plastic surgeon Danny Maccabee, and is about how he pretends to be in a broken marriage in order to sleep with women. He quickly meets a girl, Palmer, played by Brooklyn Decker, who he doesn’t want just one night with, but after she finds his fake wedding ring and leaves, Danny is willing to try anything to get her back.

By anything, I really mean anything as well. The lies start off with Danny’s co-worker, Katherine, played by Jennifer Aniston, pretending to be his wife and spiral out of control, to the point where they are in Hawaii with the whole family and friend Eddie, played by Nick Swardson, pretending to be a German sheep importer.

The films clever idea really does give it an amazing comedy factor, as each new lie they make up to cover their backs throughout the movie gets bigger and better. Katherine’s kids also play a great role in the movie, and the young actors Bailee Madison and Griffin Gluck, who play Maggie and Michael, are definitely ones to look out for in the future, as they were amazingly funny throughout.

The film is not all about laughs though, as the romantic element of the rom com also brings some good heart warming moments, and although the ending may be predictable to some, I didn’t feel disappointed when it came.

Just Go With It ReviewBoth Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler provide their usual clean acting performances, with Nick Swardson also providing some great comical acting himself at times. Brooklyn Decker’s first film role is ok, but she really is only there to be the hot young girl Sandler’s character wants to be with.

Some great moments I loved in the film include Danny making deals with the kids in Pizza Hut and when the family meet Palmer at J.D. McFunnigan’s. The way the meal takes a sudden turn when Michael opens up is just brilliant. Also Maggie’s English accent she has to keep up during the lies is just amazing! Whoever thought of the idea of having that in the film is a genius!

Overall I was very pleasantly surprised with Just Go With It, its one of the best rom coms I’ve seen for a while and I definitely recommend seeing it.