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The X Factor 2012 – Week 1

The X Factor 2012 Live Shows have begun, which means the return of my X Factor Weekly Reviews! Week 1 was Hero’s week, with Ella Henderson stealing the show and Louis and his groups not getting off to the best of starts. Read more of my review of The X Factor 2012 – Week 1 here.

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The Dark Knight Rises Review

It is fair to say, that the anticipation, expectation and excitement for this movie could not have been much bigger. Batman Begins was a very good film and The Dark Knight was an amazing film and to surpass its predecessors, Nolan was going to have to pull of something very special indeed with The Dark Knight Rises.

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Swedish House Mafia – Greyhound

One of my favourite tunes of 2012 so far is Swedish House Mafia – Greyhound. Fresh from seeing them live in their last ever UK show, I thought there is no better way to kick off my series of blog posts again with this anthem. If you haven’t heard it yet, you simply have to.

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The Amazing Spider-Man Review

It is fair to say that although I was excited to see the rebirth of the Spider-Man franchise, after it gradually declined movie by movie with the last films, I was also a bit apprehensive that maybe this was coming out too soon after the Spider-Man 3 and that too many comparison’s between the old Trilogy will dampen its chances of impressing me. Find out what I thought of the new Spider-Man movie here.

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The X Factor 2011 Review

Last year I made sure that after every week of the live shows I would post my opinions on the performances of the X Factor 2010 contestants. Unfortunately, being a lot busier this year, I was unable to do the same, but to make up for it I will review the series as a whole. Check it out here.

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Avicii & Nicky Romero – F**k School

Now I haven’t heard of Nicky Romero before, but I have definitely heard of Avicii, so when I first found this I wasn’t sure what I was about to hear. After about a minute and a half in I was already hooked and from then on the beat, the drop and the synths are just spot on. Check it out.

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