Movies To Look Forward To In 2012

Movies To Look Forward To In 2012

Last year I posted my Two Part, Movies To Look Forward To In 2011.

On that list included many of my favourite movies of the year. 127 Hours, Just Go With It, The Hangover Part II, Super 8 and Harry Potter 7 Part 2.

However, movies that I loved this year that missed my list include The Kings Speech, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, In Time and The Inbetweeners Movie (how did I forget that one?)

So in order to do a little better this time round, I will give you a few movies that will be released in 2012 that you should look forward to. Enjoy.


We are already almost half way through the first month of 2012 and in all honesty, nothing released or due for a release in January is catching my eye at all.

Goon could be a fun time with Sean William Scott(American Pie) starring as a great fighting, not so great Ice Hockey player, but I’m in no rush to go to see this one.

January will also get our first re-release of a film in 3D, with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast the chosen film to start the 3D re-release trend of 2012.


February gets a little bit better in terms of releases, but still nothing that is really getting me excited.

Something that is almost getting me to say “I’m definitely going to the cinema to see that”, is Chronicle.

Starring a relatively unknown cast, which I think will help with the movies mystery and sci-finess, Chronicle is about a group of teenagers with some out of this world talents.

With the ability to move objects with their minds, the group prank others and have fun, before one teen takes a turn to the dark side and starts using his powers for distruction.

Could be a good movie if it is anything like the impressive trailer.

Chronicle is scheduled for a UK release on 01/02/2012.

Speaking of “the dark side”, February will also see another 3D re-release, this one being Star Wars Episode I. The first of the six 3D re-releases of the George Lucas classic movies from the very successful franchise.

Another early February release is Man on a Ledge, starring Sam Worthington(Avatar). The film is about a suspected suicide attempt, but is really a clever distraction to a diamond heist in the same city.

The storyline is kind of similar to Inside Man, which was an incredible film, so this could have the potential, but in all honesty I’m not even sure if I’ll be rushing to see it in cinemas. Probably a nice one to rent in the second half of the year.

Man On A Ledge is scheduled for a UK release on 03/02/2012.

On the 10th February the UK will also finally get the release of The Muppets. Wooo!


March begins in a similar way to February with another relatively unknown cast of teenagers starring in a movie.

This one however, has a very real storyline, so real that it is kind of based on events that has actually happened… a house party going out of control!

Project X is a film I have mentioned before on my blog as I am super excited for it! It’s a comedy, with also a bit of horror in there, as you will see from the trailer and this looks like it’ll be the first film I rush to see in 2012.

Project X is scheduled for a UK release on 02/03/2012.

March is also where we will see the release of the first of the two Snow White spin off movies for 2012, Mirror Mirror. However, this ones camp and light approach looks to me like a big waste of time and I think I’d more than likely prefer the second harder and actiony version later on in the year.

Wrath of the Titans also comes out in March. The sequel to the badly reviewed Clash of the Titans, which I never saw and will probably never see along with this one too. Never mind let’s quickly get onto April.


The first week of April will begin with just one movie at the top of everyones list to see and that is because the original cast of American Pie are all back for another sequel, American Reunion.

After the first three movies the sequels have progressively got worse and worse and so bad now that I can’t name you the last one that came out straight to DVD, but with the originals that created the franchise back together again for a reunion, this should bring the franchise back to the way we fell in love with it.

We can expert a lot of sexual references, crude humour, cringe worthy moments and hopefully a lot of laughs. I’m predicting it to be one of the highest grossing movies of the year simply because it’s American Pie.

American Reunion is scheduled for a UK release on 06/04/2012.

One thing that could dammage American Reunion’s box office success will the the re-release of Titanic in 3D, which is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the world famous sinking ship.

There seems to be a pattern forming here where a big film is released in the first week of the month and nothing else after. Well this pattern is well and truly broken from the end of April onwards as we are in store for a summer full of amazing movies and it will all start on 27th April with an incredible super hero collaboration!

The Avengers will see all our favourite Marvel super heros of the last few years join forces in what should be one epic film. Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and The Incredible Hulk all in one film? This IS going to be one epic film.

The Avengers is scheduled for a UK release on 27/04/2012.


May will begin with everyone recovering from The Avengers, but if a nice laugh is what they need to recover they won’t have to wait too long.

Half way through May we will get another movie from Sacha Baron Cohen(Borat) called The Dictator.

Unfortunately this film looks very much scripted, so to expect to see the funny improv moments like we did in Borat and a bit in Bruno will probably not happen, but that doesn’t take away the fact that this celebrity filled movie will almost definitely be hilarious.

The Dictator is scheduled for a UK release on 18/05/2012.

A few days after The Dictator the UK will also see the release of another Hasbro product movie release, Battleship.

The first of “many” more apparent board game to film movies, Battleship is very loosely based on the board game, with the only real comparison being that the film takes place on boats.

Instead of bombing other battleships, instead they are up against some sort of Transformer like alien robots… I wonder if musician Rihanna will be able to cope battling them in her first movie role.

Doesn’t look like my cup of tea at all, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t like the look of it either.

Battleship is scheduled for a UK release on 20/04/2012.

Another franchise revamp of 2012 I am looking forward to that comes to our big screens again in May is Men in Black III.

Will Smith(Men in Black) and Tommy Lee Jones(Men In Black) are back in their suits and sun glasses for this alien combating movie sequel.

Even though the trailer makes it look like it is just going to be a hunt for Tommy Lee’s character “K” more than anything, I will still be seeing this sequel to a film that I loved as a kid.

Men In Black III is scheduled for a UK release on 25/05/2012.


So after a pretty full month of potential blockbusters, how is June going to follow May? Well it’s first try will the second Snow White film of the year, Snow White and the Huntsman. This one looks a lot darker and full of a lot more action than you will probably be expecting.

It also stars Kristen Stewart(Twilight) as Snow White, which is sure to get those Twilight fans excited enough to flood to the cinemas again to see this one. I’m not to sure about it and will probably end up seeing neither of the Snow White films of 2012.

Another release on the same day is Prometheus. Intended to be the prequel to the Alien franchise, it has now decided to go alone as its own film, but the trailer seems to suggest they still want the link between them to stay.

Again, not sure I will be seeing this one myself, but you never know, if good reviews start coming in for it than I may just be tempted.

Prometheus is scheduled for a UK release on 01/06/2012.

In the middle of June we will be getting another very strange adaptation of a fairy tale, the fairy tale being Jack and the Beanstalk and the movie being Jack the Giant Killer.

Starring Nicholas Holt(About A Boy) as Jack, this modern day telling of the fairy tale looks too weird for me, even though the trailer does make it look quite big and epic. This will be another one where only good reviews will push me through the cinema doors.

Jack the Giant Killer is scheduled for a UK release on 15/06/2012.


July 2012 is set to a huge, huge, huge, huge, HUGE month for movies.

Let’s wet our appetites first with the brand new Spider-Man franchise, with the first movie The Amazing Spider-Man being released in the first week.

Starring the new Spidey, Andrew Garfield(The Social Network) and the new Mary Jane, Emma Stone(Easy A), the new Spider-Man films could go one of two ways in my opinion. They could surpass the old franchise by giving us three amazing movies instead of the gradually declining films of the last one, or people could see this new franchise as being pointless and a waste of their time being released so soon after the old one had finished.

The latter will only happen if the film isn’t good. I know everyone will be excited and the cinemas will definitely be full on opening night, but what the film needs is a lot of positive feedback and reviews if it is to match the success of the previous films.

I am excited to see the new take on the franchise and will hopefully be one of those people definitely in the cinema on its opening night.

The Amazing Spider-Man is scheduled for a UK release on 04/07/2012.

Following Spider-Man comes another sequel of the Ice Age franchise, Ice Age 4 Continental Drift, which I will be very surprised if anyone has time to see it squashed between Spidey and what I predict to be not just the biggest film of the year, but of all time.

Ever since Christopher Nolan started the franchise back in 2005 with Batman Begins, the hype around his sequels have been huge, but after the incredible success of The Dark Knight, the hype for The Dark Knight Rises is the biggest I can ever remember for a movie.

The amount of posts online about the rumoured cast and plot, the recorded footage of filming and just general hype around the film has got the whole world excited and just when the hype quietens, they release a trailer that hits those levels of excitement straight back up.

With Inception stars Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt joining the cast along with Catwoman, Anne Hathaway(The Devil Wears Prada), I predict the film to break all records, get all critics going crazy and get all movie goers into the cinemas and as this one is being filmed completely using IMAX cameras, I will be hoping to see this epic conclusion of the francise in glorious IMAX for what I am expecting to be a masterpiece of film.

The hype could all end up being too much for the movie, resulting in a lot of disappointment, but even if we can’t understand Bane or keep our attention from the latex Catwoman costume, Christopher Nolan never disappoints me and The Dark Knight Rises should be no different.

The Dark Knight Rises is scheduled for a UK release on 20/07/2012.


Mid way through August we will get another film to the Bourne franchise, The Bourne Legacy, but no Matt Damon(Good Will Hunting), this time it’s down to Jeremy  Renner to keep us excited about the franchise that seemed to finish ages ago.

Not sure if the new leading man will be up to the same level as Damon was but we shall see come August 17th.

On the same day we have another film from the legends at Pixar studios.

When Disney Pixar make a film, you can almost be certain that it will be a success, and in 2012 we will get a brand new animated movie from them called Brave. The story of a Princess in Scotland having to right a big wrong by setting a curse on her village. With Billy Connolly(The Last Samurai) voicing the King, it will be hard to listen to his voice without thinking ah that’s Billy Connolly talking, but maybe Pixar’s amazing animation will help take that away.

Brave is scheduled for a UK release on 17/08/2012

Yet another film scheduled for release in the UK on the same day is Expendables 2. Filled with more action film stars than any film should have, the cast alone made me watch the first film, which I didn’t really find as exhilarating as I thought I would.

A lot of people did like it though, so Sylvester Stallone didn’t want to disappoint them, so a sequel this year is what those people are getting.

Finally my last film of August I don’t really know much about, apart from the main cast, which includes…

Ben Stiller(Tropic Thunder), Jonah Hill(Superbad), Vince Vaughn(Dodgeball) and wait for it… Richard Ayoade! “Moss” from the IT Crowd for those who don’t know.

I’d go to the cinema to see this just because he is in it to be honest, and I cannot wait to see how he stands along with some other Hollywood comedy legends when Neighbourhood Watch is released in the UK on August 22nd.


Another Disney 3D re-release will come to our screens in September as we venture under the 3D ocean in Finding Nemo 3D.

Also being release in September is the new Resident Evil movie, Resident Evil: Retribution and not much else really as of yet.

Hopefully some more releases are in the pipeline so something will at least look like it could be worth going to see in September.


October will start with a film that as of 12/01/2012 is still untitled. For now we will call it Taken 2 as it will be the follow up to 2008′s Taken, starring Liam Neeson, who will also be in this one.

This one will be set in Istanbul and the father and mother will be taken hostage this time instead of the daughter… seeing Maggie Grace(Taken) kick some ass instead of Liam Neeson could be nice. We shall see on 5th October.

Another release on the same day is another 3D horror movie that will hope to get movie goers looking for a scare to spend money on this year.

This one I might actually go and see though, as the film coming out is Leatherface 3D, or in other words, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in 3D!! One of my favourite horror franchises and the thought of chainsaws flying out of the screen at me sounds like a good enough reason for me to see this one.

Now one film that is bound to get a lot of buzz for this year is the new James Bond movie, Skyfall. Having only actually seen Casino Royale and none of the other Bond movies I’m not an “avid” Bond fan but I did enjoy Casino Royale so will probably give this one a go as well.

For all you Bond fans, Skyfall will be released in the UK on 26/10/2012.


November is another month of 2012 crying out for some more film releases. I’m sure some will come, but for now it looks as though just one movie will be raking in the money in November and that is the final Twilight movie in the saga.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 will see all the Twi-hard fans of the franchise rush to see it and it will inevitably make a tonne of money, but one person at least won’t be seeing it and that is me.

Part 1 didn’t get a great reaction from critics and has consistently been voted as the worst movie of 2011 in a lot of online polls. I didn’t like the first Twilight movie and haven’t seen any of the others, but for those of you who cannot wait to see these vampires go at it one last time, you will have to wait till 16th November.


December is far away yet, but one movie in this month also looks set to rake in all of the box office takings for the month, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

The long awaited prequel to The Lord of the Rings franchise will see Peter Jackson back as Director and most of the original cast will also be returning to the Shire with a lot more short people with hairy feet.

The last film in the franchise, The Return of the King, came out in December 2003! 9 years before The Hobbit is scheduled for release, and that film went on to make over $1.1billion worldwide on its own, so expect the same sort of thing to happen with this highly anticipated prequel.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is scheduled for a UK release on 14/12/2012.

Brad Pitt’s(Se7en) World War Z also comes out in December, as well as The Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio(Titanic). Two films you can probably imagine being spoken of highly as the award season is around the corner.

A Comedy film set for a December release is something that I think is an absolutely amazing idea!

A follow up to Knocked Up, called This is 40, following Paul Rudd(Role Models) and Leslie Mann’s(17 Again) characters Pete and Debbie to see how their lives are going after Knocked Up.

Knocked Up was a great film and this idea for a follow up not including Seth Rogen(Knocked Up) and Katherine Heigl(Knocked Up) could be a gamble, but one that I think could work very well and I am looking forward to seeing this as well as just seeing a trailer for it released at some point this year.

The film is scheduled for a UK release on 21/12/2012.


So there is my selection of movies to look out for in 2012. I hope you have enjoyed the trailers and are excited for a year full of amazing movies.

Think I have missed any off my list? Post a comment below to let me know.