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Universal Studios Florida : Review Part One

After already visiting some great theme parks Orlando had to offer so far on my holiday, I was still unbelievably excited the morning I woke up knowing I was heading off to the world famous Universal Studios Florida. Check out part one of my review, which includes the high tech coaster, Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit and the classic that is Twister… Ride It Out.

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Paranormal Activity 3 : Official Trailer

October used to be the time I was really looking forward to another SAW movie hitting the cinemas. With the last SAW film released in 2010, now it seems Paranormal Activity are taking over the yearly Halloween film for me to see at the cinema, but unfortunately after seeing the trailer I’m starting to think these movies, if any more are going to be made after this, are just the same every year.

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The Amazing Spider Man : Official Trailer

It doesn’t seem like long since we saw Toby Maguire put on the costume, which is because it was only nine years ago! Three films later and that series in the franchise seemed to had lost its spider senses and died out, but now we have a new trailer for the reboot of the Spider Man franchise, The Amazing Spider Man.

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