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X Factor Week 7

Well I didn’t see Aiden being voted out last week. Katie yet again saved from the chop but is surely on her final strings now as the public seem to have lost interest in her, if there was ever any in the first place. On to week 7 and on the same week iTunes get them the X Factor does, it’s Beatles week. Let’s see my opinions on the acts this week.

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How It Should Have Ended

I have recently stumbled upon this website called How It Should Have Ended and apart from having some great reviews on some of the latest releases they also do something very cool and create cartoon videos of how movies such as Avatar, Star Wars and Inception should have ended.

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X Factor Week 6

So Katie was yet again in the bottom two last week, but was yet again saved meaning it was Treyc’s turn to leave the competition. Now Elton John week isn’t the most exciting of themes for a X Factor show but let’s see what I thought of the contestants this week.

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